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What's in Season: December

For all the food-focused festivities we all may be enjoying this month, you might imagine the holiday season is a welcome quiet for farmers. Much of what farmers sell in the winter is indeed from storage, but some vegetables are grown and/or picked in December. Perhaps more importantly, farmers take this time to focus on vital administrative tasks like taxes, equipment repair and maintenance, and shopping around for new seed vendors and supplies. The reality is that many farmers don't really have downtime. Once the growing season is over, they immediately take inventory of their readiness for next season and begin to prepare while they grow what crops can be grown in the cold.

Here's the list of those precious few crops:


Broad Beans

Beets (from storage)

Cabbage (from storage)

Carrots (from storage)

Collard Greens

Leeks (from storage)

Onions (from storage)


Potatoes (from storage)

Winter Squash (from storage)

Turnips (from storage)


Apples (from storage)

Pears (from storage)


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