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Rhuby Tart

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Commercial uses of rhubarb often use so much sugar that it removes the tartness of the rhubarb and drowns out its natural flavor. For that reason, I never really appreciated rhubarb until I started cooking it in my own kitchen. This tart makes use of a strawberry rhubarb compote that is made with maple sugar, which is more mild than regular sugar and allows the rhubarb to stand out while also complimenting its flavor. I think its best piping hot with a dollop of ice cream but I've also eaten it cold and still loved it.


1 shell of mini-graham cracker pie shells, per serving (you can buy these in the grocery store)

2 tbsp Strawberry Rhubarb Maple Compote, per serving (see recipe here)

1 tbsp crushed candied pecans, per serving (you can buy this also at the grocery store)

1 small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, per serving

If the compote has been refrigerated, heat it until it's hot. Fill each pie shell with compote, sprinkle with candied pecans, and top with vanilla bean ice cream. Enjoy.


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