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Box Blog: March

This month I thought it would be interesting to do both an early March and a Mid-March box, to capture a whole month of cooking. I also took a stab at the larger Lancaster Farms box, which includes mushrooms and yogurt. Since I'm steering clear of dairy, the yogurt didn't get much use, but in normal circumstances would be great for breakfast parfaits and as a condiment for soup and the mushrooms were a delight. I think a person could really get most of their meals from the larger box if they were a dairy person.

I confess I technically made the chicken stew published in the last blog in early March using the mushrooms from this box. I'll also confess that I actually made the Sweet Potato and Celery Root soup in April because I tried a new farm, and they gave me a massive celery root. The turnips in the soup were from the second March Lancaster Farms box. Turnips. It may be late, but at least I found something to do with them.

There were no surprises in either of the Lancaster Farm boxes, which is kind of surprising in of itself. I guess the purple potatoes were unusual, but they actually just tasted like butter potatoes and therefore made a fun-looking but perfectly normal mashed potato base. I would also argue that the second box was relatively light for Lancaster. No matter what kind of box I got from them, I was always afraid it was too much. I guess inflation finally hit them.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person actually viewing these blogs. I'll go ahead and forgive myself for being all over the place. And for publishing the March box in April. I still wanted to put it out there, in hopes I would have more ideas for March next year, and in hopes I might look ahead and in February and remember to get the mushroom box. The chicken stew would have been right on time.


Egg Toast with Shaved Radishes and Chimichurri

Fried Eggs, Buttered French Breakfast Radishes, and Little Gem Lettuce with Morning Vinaigrette


Chimichurri chicken and avocado salad with shaved radishes



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