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Box Blog: January

For a long time, I thought January was a tough month for farm boxing. But after this year's overindulgence, I found the vegetables a welcome relief. The bright colors were an escape from the bleak brown outdoors, and the freshness came just in time for a much-needed detox.

It may be a cliche to hit the gym in the first few weeks of January in the burst of energy a new year can provide, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. We all take liberties during the holidays we need to pay for at some time, and why not get it over with first thing in the new year? This is the mindset with which I approached my CSA box this month.

The truth is, there was way too much sugar, cheese, and bread in my celebratory dining in November and January, and by January, my body was protesting. I wanted to do my best to eliminate these ingredients this month. Luckily, the purples in the box, both the carrots and the brussels sprouts, inspired me. Red brussels sprouts are one of my favorites because their beauty and delicacy are rare in winter offerings. Purple carrots, which are beautiful on the outside but mostly just carrots on the inside, were a welcome excuse to pretend it was summer and break out the summer rolls. All in all, I was fairly successful in detoxing from Christmas, and, if you're looking for inspiration to keep you going, check out the recipes below. I may actually continue this resolution into February. Well, maybe.


Rustic Potato, Tomato, and Basil Frittata





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