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What's In Season: November

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November is the time for feasting, the last hurrah before the ground freezes and very little will come from it.

Three cute halloween pumpkins in autumn park.jpg participation in Halloween is mostly pumpkin carving supply...


*corn comes out

*all but the heartiest of greens

*no new things

*things start becoming available from storage

Thanksgiving is the latest harvest celebration we could find.

Chavang Kut is celebrated on the 1st of November to honor the blessings of the deity for a good harvest every year. It also marks the end of the harvesting season. Roughly translated, 'Chavang' means 'autumn' and Kut means 'harvest'.

  • Dankdag voor Gewas en Arbeid: Netherlands, every first Wednesday of November; Thanksgiving Day for crop and labor

2. Austin Food And Wine Festival

When: November 4-6, 2022
Where: Austin, Texas
What to expect: The best of Austin’s restaurants offer small bites and tasting of their beloved dishes at this annual food festival, which also serves up wine and spirits. There are also cooking demonstrations and special events, all set against the Austin skyline at Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park. For more information, visit

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Olivagando, Magione, Italy

In Italy, Magione’s two-day festival in November celebrates both the feast day of St. Clement and the local olive harvest, bringing together everyone involved in the production of olive oil. A priest blesses the new oil at a special Mass, and the town hosts a lavish medieval dinner at its 12th-century castle.

The best olive oil in the world arguably comes from the Trasimeno region of Italy, about 15 miles west of Perugia. And every year, between Halloween and Christmas, the area holds the two day Olivagando Festival concurrently with the feast day of St. Clement. Olivagando brings all aspects of the olive oil industry together in celebration, from the olive tree growers to the processing companies. The main focus is on the oil of La Dolce Agogia, the finest quality olives grown in the area; so fine that they’re not exported. The festival revolves around olives, traditional food and Italian culture. 

3. The Great Jack O'lantern Blaze

When: September 16-November 20, 2022
Where: Croton-on-Hudson, New York
What to expect: Celebrate fall with 7,000 illuminated jack o’ lanterns at the annual The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, located at the Van Cortlandt Manor in upstate New York. Visitors can stroll through the many displays, which are paired with synchronized lighting and music. For more information, visit

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All Saints day and All Souls Day,chocolate%20and%20raisins%20for%20extra


Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, Liberia


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Maybe something about how thanksgiving is celebrated across the states (are there dishes native to states?)

Jiggs Dinner.jpg might find a Jigg's Dinner on a Canadian Thanksgiving Menu...

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What do other countries do in November?

Really crispy chicken at the Oktoberfest 2022 rotary grill in Munich.jpg

...Brathendl is the most popular food served at Oktoberfest...

What to look forward to in the winter months


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Wrap up

Here's what's in season in October:



Brussel Sprouts








Collard Greens


Roots & Shrooms



Celery Root


Oyster Mushrooms


Porcini Mushrooms




White Truffles

Shell Beans & Gourds


Winter Squash**







**indicates available from storage

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